sam v · Jun 27, 2017

How to create translation profile for HL7 to SDA in Healthshare


We are wondering how to create translation profile for HL7 to SDA in "HEALTH SHARE". can you please help us with the class definition containing the mapping for that(so that we can import directly and understand the mapping).



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Hi Sam

I am afraid, and this is likely my ignorance, I do not fully understand what you are doing here. Why is it you feel the need to create such a translation profile and what are the source and target coding systems? What are you expecting to achieve here when all said and done?

It is relatively unlikely I know the answer, but I suspect those that do may also be staring at this and will not quite understand the question!


Good question hope someone will attend it, actually I was also looking for something similar like PID.3 mapped with SDAX.FieldY