· Oct 31, 2017

Cache Terminal access in a mirrored healthshare environment.

Is it possible to make the cache terminal available over a mirrored vip address for a healthshare mirrored environment? So that connecting to a terminal for a mirrored environment will always connect to the Live Node?


I'm looking to write a Powershell script to run against the system and need to connect to the Live Node in a mirrored setup. Is this possible or am I going to have to log onto each node to establish which is Live.  Or does this even matter?

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If you are using the Cube's terminal, you can define a connection (Preferred Server -> Add/Edit) that points to the VIP (assuming that the 2 mirrored instances are using all the same ports). You could then make that the preferred server (Preferred Server -> click on that connection). Then the default behavior for that cube's terminal would be to connect to the VIP address.

However, if you are trying to run scripts on only the primary server, you may want to look into using task manager. You can define tasks to run only on the primary mirror member. You could have the task call out to the script on both instances, and it will simply not run the task if the instance isn't primary.