is a Robust Web Server needed for HealthShare Health Connect?

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Reading through the installation guide I found a fairly stern warning in the robustness checklist not to use the inbuilt apache web server.

>Use a robust web server. Do not use the limited Apache server installed with
>Ensemble. It is provided as a convenience for use on development systems and
> is not a fully capable web server.

We only have a few users, the Interface team (3), an integration consultant(1) and an interface monitoring/development vendor.

Do we need a 'robust web server' for using HealthShare Health Connect Integration engine?

I suspect we might need it to deal with webservices/SOAP/ITK messaging as well as FHIR.


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You definitely should setup an external web server instead of the one that comes pre-installed.   Apache or IIS on the same server would be fine for size you describe.   Anything you do with webservices/SOAP/ITK messaging as well as FHIR should be done on an 'external' web server rather then the built in one.   I'd also recommend setting up SSL from day one.   Both of these things are rather easy to do now but more challenging to change down the road.

The built in web server is great for local development but is too limited in it's configuration for use on any sort of live server, sooner or later you'll run into problems, might as well take a couple hours now and do it right.


Another reason to limit your reliance on the webserver that InterSystems ship and install is that it will only receive security patches when you apply a maintenance update to your Cache/Ensemble/HealthShare instance. In comparison, you can (and should) take responsibility for keeping a standalone instance of webserver software (e.g. IIS, Apache) up to date with security fixes.