· Mar 17, 2017 1m read

Portal tip: System Mode

If you work with Portal on multiple instances of Caché, Ensemble or HealthShare you might find it useful to set the System Mode of the various instances, so as to give yourself a visual reminder of the role of the one you're currently working on.

For instance:





The setting is made here:

This feature is mentioned in the documentation here.

Under the covers the setting is stored in the global node ^%SYS("SystemMode") with possible values LIVE, TEST, DEVELOPMENT or FAILOVER. The value can also be fetched using $SYSTEM.Version.SystemMode()so it's possible to make your application sensitive to the system mode of its host instance.

By directly setting your own string into ^%SYS("SystemMode") you can make that part of Portal's title say something non-standard. For instance:

But keep in mind that the next time someone uses the Save button on Portal's "Memory and Startup" page your setting will be lost.

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