· Aug 1, 2017

How To implement full Oauth2 schema on Caché/HealthShare ?


I am a beginner on intersystems technologies ! and i want implements Oauth2 for our projects ( Angular 2 + Caché REST  Backend). 

i read the article that the link  is below :

But : i need to create  all servers ( Auth and Resource ) on Caché and dont' to use google server.

Also, i need   to be able to consume Oauth from my web services as caché REST application (whitout csp ui) .

An Idea  Please ?

Thank you


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Hi Yani,
I'm actually working on exactly this right now. If you read the other articles in that series it covers how to setup the authorization and resources servers. To do it in an Angular application I believe you need to use the implicit grant type.
I need to configure another cache client, then I'll be implementing this for a couple Angular versions of our internal applications.

So I'll get back to you when I have that working.


Hi Yani,

I just pushed a working example of using OAuth in an Angular 1 application. It should be helpful to you. See the widgets-direct demo project here:

For help configuring the authorization server see Dan Kutac's articles here on the developer community. The key points in this case are allowing the implicit grant type, the token response type, and properly setting the redirect URL. 

Let me know how it goes for you.