· Sep 15, 2017

Clinical Viewer for SMART Apps

The product I'm using is HealthConnect ( this installation HSAP-2017. Do I have access to the Information Exchange Clinical Viewer ? Is there a way to install this and connect it up to my HealthShare FHIR repository?

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Hi Conor,

The Clinical Viewer is only available if you have Information Exchange (Information Exchange includes Health Connect but if you have Health Connect, you don't necessary have Information Exchange). You can, however, still use the HealthShare FHIR respository to store FHIR resources, and then use REST calls to retrieve each resource. What exactly are you trying to do?

If you would like Information Exchange and the Clinical Viewer, I recommend reaching out to your Sales Engineer or Sales Rep.

Ok thanks for the info. Just seeing what possibilities are out there right now. Was looking at installing SMART apps ( with OAuth2) to view content inside the FHIR repository I configured.

Doing the following: do ##class(HS.Util.Installer.FHIRServices).OAuthServer()

Threw the following error: "Information Exchange Registry namespace not found in this instance.
OAuth Server must be in the same instance as the Registry."

Hi Conor,

The FHIR Gateway as well as the associated setup methods including OAuthServer() are Information Exchange features and not available in Health Connect. The FHIR Repository which is a Health Connect component can be used as a building block to create your own FHIR based solutions but it requires some assembly, including the authentication components. If you need some help on working with the OAuth capabilities of Caché/Health Connect, please refer to the documentation and contact your Sales Engineer or WRC for assistance. 


Matt Spielman
Product Manager, Information Exchange

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