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Developer Community Recap, May 2024

Hello and welcome to the May 2024 Developer Community Recap.
General Stats
150 new posts published in May:
 35 new articles
 44 new announcements
 68 new questions
 3 new discussions
332 new members joined in May
13,330 posts published all time
12,397 members joined all time
Top posts
Top authors of the month
#InterSystems IRIS
After upgrading, when I try to open the Management Portal, I get ERROR #5001 and cannot open it
By Tomoko Furuzono
Tasks flow with InterSystems IRIS Workflow Engine - Configuration
By Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Demo: Connecting Locally to an S3 Bucket without an AWS Account
By Macey Minor
Using VECTORs in ObjectScript
By Robert Cemper
Notes on changing the system date for testing purposes
By Hiroshi Sato
Microsoft 365 - Events and Tasks
By David Hockenbroch
IRIS AI Studio: A playground to explore the Generative AI & Vector Embedding capabilities
By Ikram Shah
Vector Search : Application to demonstrate Vector Search and Generative AI capabilities
By Muhammad Waseem
Preventive Health with ChatIRIS: Integrating InterSystems IRIS for Enhanced Patient Engagement
By Crystal Cheong
Q&A Chatbot with IRIS and langchain
By José Pereira
Retrieve images using vector search (1)
By shan yue
Vector search + GenAI + InterSystems technologies with Banksia Global
By Maria Gladkova
IRIS AI Studio: Connectors to Transform your Files into Vector Embeddings for GenAI Capabilities
By Ikram Shah
DNA Similarity and Classification: An Analysis
By Nicole Raimundo
How to run SQL in terminal
By Hiroshi Sato
Search for companies using smart search engines
By Lucas Fernandes
IRIS SIEM System Integration with Crowdstrike Logscale
By Ron Sweeney
IRIS AI Studio: Playground to explore RAG capabilities on top of IRIS DB vector embeddings
By Ikram Shah
Enhancing Preventive Health Engagement: The Backend Powering ChatIRIS with InterSystems IRIS
By Crystal Cheong
Wall-M : Perform semantic queries on your email inbox and get accurate responses along with source citations
By Arvind Menon
Imagine the Future of Medical Triage: MediCoPilot
By Henry Pereira
Open AI integration with IRIS - His master voice’s – Are you angry?
By Kurro Lopez
InterSystems® IRIS Conky
By Ron Sweeney
TIMESTAMP type format
By Megumi Kakechi
By Eduard Lebedyuk
How to avoid ODBC query timeouts
By Hiroshi Sato
#Open Exchange
#InterSystems Ideas Portal
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
#InterSystems IRIS
InterSystems Certification has changed exam delivery platforms!
By Shane Nowack
[Video] Container Lifecycle - When is Your App Ready to Accept Work
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
InterSystems IRIS & IRIS for Health 2024.2 Developer preview update
By Bob Kuszewski
[Webinar in Hebrew] Maximize Your Success with InterSystems Support
By Ronnie Hershkovitz
Documentation New Look
By Ashok Kumar
InterSystems announces InterSystems IRIS 2024., includes support for Ubuntu 24.04
By Bob Kuszewski
iris-medicopilot video announcement
By Henrique Dias
[Video] IRIS AI Studio Walkthrough: Unleash the Power of Vector Embeddings in IRIS DB
By Ikram Shah
[Video] IRIS AI Studio: A detailed Functionality & Code Walkthrough
By Ikram Shah
Just launched: Deltanji source control (version 8)
By Laurel James (GJS)
MUMPS / CACHE developer
By Carlos Cordovil
May 30, 2024 – Advisory: License Enforcement Changes – REST and SOAP
By Fabiano Sanches
Quiz time on the Developer Community
By Olga Zavrazhnova
#Developer Community Official
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
#Learning Portal
#IRIS contest
#Global Masters
#InterSystems Official
#InterSystems Ideas Portal
InterSystems Ideas News #13
By Vadim Aniskin
#Job Opportunity
#InterSystems IRIS
Cache and IRIS: How to identify system namespaces?
By Anna Golitsyna
What's the most recent non-preview Community Edition Container?
By Rob Tweed
IRIS on AWS EC2 and Hugepages
By Cristiano Silva
angular application with healthshare authentication
By Sylvie Greverend
docker run iris ,the container log always show Starting InterSystems IRIS instance IRIS... and can not open web page
By bold t
IIS webserver much slower than PWS
By Marcel den Ouden
Migrating to IRIS changes
By Rochdi Badis
Samples-FHIRStarter Questions
By Scott Roth
Using %JSON.Adaptor with %Integer value using the DISPLAYLIST VALUELIST parameters
By André-Claude Gendron
Is there a VSCode equivalent to the Studio SOAP Wizard?
By Victoria Castillo
By Ashok Kumar
Difference between %KillExtent and %DeleteExtent
By Meenakshi Muthu
X12 832 (4010) SEF or XSD file
By Jonathan Lent
Setting up the Quartz Scheduler with IRIS (Spring-boot)
By Ugljesa Pupavac
Mongodb integration
By Davide Cecchetto
Embeded python : Can I create a dict from COS?
By Stephane Devin
FHIR Profile validation Java issues
By Ashok Kumar
RSA Encryption Decryption
By David Marinkovic
InterSystems Class Dictionary
By lai pham
How are Stream saved?
By Stephane Devin
Pooling exception: Unable to find original pool for connection and IRIS Security Error
By Harikumar V
ObjectScript: Cannot Read OpenId, Result Doesn't Display
By Steven Henry Suhendra
Join JSON responses
By Yone Moreno Jimenez
By David Marinkovic
SYS.VSSWriter is generating alerts in Messages.log
By Andy Stobirski
Connecting to IRIS Database Using py.odbc
By A J
OPENSSL_Uplink(....): no OPENSSL_Applink
By Alin Soare
FSLog not populating when trying to test HS.FHIRServer.Interop.HTTPOperation
By Scott Roth
How to Remove Search Text Box in Filter Dropdown
By Virat Sharma
Is there a way to do an override of a %ALL Global Mapping?
By Ben Spead
python library "irisnative" for Windows 10
By Alin Soare
Javascript library "Irisnative" does not work for 8 bits IRIS servers
By Alin Soare
Irisnative library that works on Windows 10 with 8-bit IRIS
By Alin Soare
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
Parsing a JSON message with
By Phil Burkhalter
what's the format of the file to import lookup table ?
By Yuhong Snyder
help with HL7 Transformation
By Will
Incorporating OAuth into HS.FHIRServer.Interop.HTTPOperation
By Scott Roth
HL7 DTL Code action question
By Will
How to access Management Portal of lockeddown iris health server
By Jagadiswara Bandaru
Intersystems local DB size monitoring using SolarWinds
By Vwnu B
End of File handling in Cache and IRIS
By Nisha Thomas
Implementing a counter for OBX
By Santosh K
Iris Client on MacOS - how to run it after installation
By Will
Customizing retry frequency of transaction
By Santosh Kannan
Need to evaluate rule based upon the content of "Z" segment, and only process if it exists on a table.
By John Steffen
Cannot parse valid HL7 message
By Stefano Mandelli
Benefit of custom FHIR profile usage
By Sebastian Thiele
Obtaining a payload from a FHIR response of type HS.FHIRServer.Interop.Response
By Stella Ticker
IRIS Weblink - Basic capabilities
By Michael Young
Annoying Bulb in VS Code
By Alexey Maslov
#InterSystems IRIS BI (DeepSee)
#InterSystems IRIS
Code Golf: Smiley Faces
By Eduard Lebedyuk
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