· May 9

Migrating to IRIS changes

Hi Guys,

We are migrating from Ensemble 2018 to the latest IRIS, and while compiling we get many of these errors in our queries:

and this a sample of one our queries:
&sql(select CASE WHEN StarterKitName != "" THEN Kit->Name || ' - ' || StarterKitName ELSE Kit->Name END into :KitName from MSDS_Serenity.KitLabelAssoc where Label = :Label and Status = 1
I've also heard that the &sql syntax also has changed, I've download the How to Migrate to InterSystems IRIS but couldn't find changes related to the above? 


Product version: IRIS 2023.3
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your CASE statement  is wrong in multiple ways:
and doesn't work in ENSEMBLE /Caché either

  1. double quotes " mark column names, strings require single quotes '
  2. !=""  is an Objectscript construct
  3. you have to write NOT IS NULL instead 
select CASE WHEN StarterKitName NOT IS NULL THEN ....

See also example in ENS/Caché  docu :