· May 18

[Video] IRIS AI Studio: A detailed Functionality & Code Walkthrough

Hi Community,

This is a detailed, candid walkthrough of the IRIS AI Studio platform. I speak out loud on my thoughts while trying different examples, some of which fail to deliver expected results -  which I believe is a need for such a platform to explore different models, configurations and limitations. This will be helpful if you're interested in how to build 'Chat with PDF' or data recommendation systems using IRIS DB and LLM models.
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As seen in the video at 29:16 and a few other timestamps, I'm encountering a ...iris.dbapi._DBAPI.OperationalError: AccessDenied error (sometimes) when making DB API calls. This issue arises randomly during the middle of a session, making it difficult to provide steps to replicate.

I don't think this error is limited to vector embedding related SQL query execution; I have also encountered it while executing other SQL statements, such as fetching all tables by schema name.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue? If so, could you please share your solution or guide me on how to raise this as an issue?

Thank you!