· May 8

IIS webserver much slower than PWS

We are experimenting with IIS, as the PWS will be gone in newer versions.

The code which is executed, takes 15ms to run. If we execute it through PWS (REST), there is some overhead and the total execution time is 40ms, which is acceptable. However, if we go through IIS, it takes 150ms or sometimes even more.

Both PWS and IIS are running on the same server as IRIS in this case. No optimisations have been done on IIS.

Any suggestions on where to look/what to optimize on IIS?

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: 2022.1.4
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I'm not sure if it's related, but my colleagues and I all notice random performance issues with the management portal when accessing our non-production environment that's using IIS.

It was deployed to our non-production environment for similar experimentation reasons, but I never took it further due to these issues (and it dropped from my radar due to still being on 2022.1.2 with no immediate pressures to upgrade)

I need to upgrade the version of web gateway following a recent email from Intersystems, so I'm going to run that now and then reboot the machine and see if I see any changes.

Beyond that, I'm going to be following this discussion closely to see if our issues are related and if there is a solution.

I manage systems that use IIS since more than 15 years and never experienced performance issues.

For a code that takes 15ms having service/call that takes 40ms total round trip to me is way too much (that's 25ms overhead !!).
We have SOAP services that respond in 10ms (local subnet, round trip measured from the caller/client).

I don't recall any special configuration in IIS.

What's the configuration of the Web/CSP Gateway?