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The 3rd edition of the InterSystems Technical Article Contest in Spanish

Hello Community!

A new challenge has arrived for you: The Third InterSystems Technical Article writing contest in Spanish is here!

🏆 3rd Technical Articles Contest in Spanish 🏆

Description of the contest: Write an article in Spanish in the Developer Community, on any topic related to InterSystems technology.

Duration: from May 6 to June 2, 2024.

Prizes for all participants: Everyone who publishes an article in Spanish (In the Spanish Community) during the contest period will receive a prize.

Main prize: LEGO Ferrari Daytona SP3 / Magic Gringotts™ Bank - Collector's Edition.


Participate in the contest and reach hundreds of users! It's one of the best opportunities to publish those tips you've discovered.


1. All participants win in the InterSystems technical article competition -> Any member of the Community who participates in the competition will receive a gift from InterSystems for participating.

2. Expert Awards – the winning articles in this category will be chosen by InterSystems experts and will be able to choose in each case:

🥇 1st place: LEGO Ferrari Daytona SP3 or Gringotts™ Magic Bank - Collector's Edition.

🥈 2nd place: LEGO NASA Artemis Space Launch System or Patagonia Nano Puff® Hoody men's jacket.

🥉 3rd place: JBL Flip 6 Speaker, Amazon Kindle 8G Paperwhite (Eleventh Generation) or Samsonite SPECTROLITE 3.0 15.6" Backpack

Or alternatively, any winner can choose a prize from a category lower than their own.

Note: Prizes are subject to change if availability in the country does not allow delivery.

3. Developer Community Award – article with the highest number of "Likes". The person who wins will be able to choose one of these prizes:

🎁 JBL Flip 6 Speaker, Amazon Kindle 8G Paperwhite (Eleventh Generation) or Samsonite SPECTROLITE 3.0 15.6" Backpack

Note: Each author can only win one prize from each category (in total, an author can win two prizes: one in the Expert category and one in the Community category)

Who can participate?

Anyone registered in the Developer Community, except InterSystems employees. Register here in the Community if you don't already have an account.

Contest Duration

📝  From May 6 to June 2: Article publication phase.

📝  From June 3 to June 9: Voting phase

Publish your article(s) during that period. Members of the Developer Community can vote for articles they like by clicking "Like" below each article.

Tip: The sooner you publish your article(s), the more time you will have to get more votes from the Experts and the Community

🎉 June 10: Winners announced


    ❗️ Any article written during the contest period that meets the following requirements will automatically enter the competition:

    • The article must be directly or indirectly related to InterSystems technology (characteristics of InterSystems products or, also, complementary tools, architectural solutions, best development practices,...).
    • The article must be written in Spanish.
    • The article must be 100% new (it can be a continuation of an already published article).
    • The article cannot be a copy or translation of another published in the Developer Community in Spanish or in another Community.
    • Article size: >1,000 characters (links do not count in character calculation).
    • Participation mode: individual (one participant is allowed to publish several articles).

    What can you write about?

    You can choose any technical topic related directly or indirectly to InterSystems technology.

    🎯 BONUS:

    The Experts give 3 votes to the article they consider the best, 2 votes to the 2nd one they consider best and 1 vote to the 3rd one they consider best. Additionally, articles can receive more points based on the following bonuses:

    Note: the judges' decision does not accept appeals

    1. Bonus for new author: If it is the first time you participate in the Technical Article Contest in Spanish, your article will receive 1 extra vote from the Experts.

    2. Theme bonus: If your article falls within the following themes, you will receive 2 extra points.

    • Use of AI/ML/GenAI
    • How to take advantage of the possibilities of Vector Search
    • Taking advantage of the column storage feature
    • ️️Use of integrated Python
    • Use of Cloud SQL
    • Use of VSCode
    • Exploitation of IRIS FHIR capabilities (SMART in FHIR 2.0, FHIR object model, FHIR SQL Builder, Bulk FHIR,...)

    3. Bonus per video: if, in addition to the article, it is accompanied by an explanatory video, the candidate will receive 4 points.

    4. Tutorial Bonus: You will receive 3 points if the article has tutorial features, with step-by-step instructions that a developer can follow to complete one or more specific tasks.

    So... Let's go!

    We are looking forward to your articles!

    Community! May the force be with you! ✨🤝

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