· May 5

Key Questions of the Month: April 2024

Hi Community,

It's time for the new batch of #KeyQuestions from the previous month.

6 Best Questions to Ask During a Job Interview |

Here are the Key Questions of April chosen by InterSystems Experts within all Communities:

📌 IRIS Enable Long Strings by @Antonio Souza (EN)

📌 convert dd/mm/yyyy --> yyyymmdd by @Krishnaveni Kapu (EN)

📌 How to configure GIT in LINUX by @Token Ibragimov (EN)

These questions will be highlighted with the #Key Question tag, and their authors will get the Key Question badge on Global Masters (when it's back).

If you find the key question(s) from other communities interesting, just drop us a line in the comments and we will translate the question(s) and the accepted answer(s).

Congrats, and thank you all for your interesting questions. Keep them coming!

See you next month😉

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