· May 31

Irisnative library that works on Windows 10 with 8-bit IRIS

Hi there,

I am interested to execute ObjectScript commands from external language.  I saw that IRIS provides the irisnative library for this.

I am using Windows and 8-bit IRIS server (due to compatibility with old software I need to use 8-bit instead of Unicode).

I tried to execute irisnative for Javascript and for python, without success, as I explained in my previous questions.

I would like to ask you whether Intersystems provides an API to execute commands from external scripts (the same as Visual Studio Code does when I execute commands like "Import and Compile", etc.).

Is there a language where the irisnative library works correctly ?  Is there some other library that works and allows me to run external commands from external source ?

Thanks in advance,


Alin C Soare.

$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2024.1 (Build 267.2) Tue Apr 30 2024 16:42:56 EDT
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