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TIMESTAMP type format

InterSystems FAQ rubric

The TIMESTAMP type corresponds to the %Library.TimeStamp data type (=%TimeStamp) in InterSystems products, and the format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.nnnnnnnnn.

If you want to change the precision after the decimal point, set it using the following method.

1) Set system-wide

Management Portal: [System Administration] > [Configuration] > [SQL and Object Settings] > [General SQL Settings] 
Default time precision for GETDATE(), CURRENT_TIME, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. You can specify the number of digits in the range 0 to 9.

For details on the settings, please refer to the document page below.
Additional configuration settings - General SQL settings - SQL tab

2) Specify with SQL function

Using the argument of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(), you can specify the number of digits after the decimal point in the range of 0 to 9.
*The value returned by CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() is the current date and time in the execution environment's time zone.

SQL Command Line Shell
The command prefix is currently set to: <<nothing>>.
Enter <command>, 'q' to quit, '?' for help.
[SQL]USER>>  << entering multiline statement mode, 'GO' to execute >>
        2>>   CURRENT_TIMESTAMP AS FullSecStamp,
        3>>   CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(2) AS FracSecStamp,
        4>>   $HOROLOG AS InternalFullSec
1.      SELECT
           CURRENT_TIMESTAMP AS FullSecStamp,
           CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(2) AS FracSecStamp,
           $HOROLOG AS InternalFullSec
FullSecStamp    FracSecStamp    InternalFullSec
2021-10-12 15:46:18     2021-10-12 15:46:18.83  66029,56778
1 Rows(s) Affected
statement prepare time(s)/globals/cmds/disk: 0.1017s/1046/177936/15ms
          execute time(s)/globals/cmds/disk: 0.0002s/0/651/0ms
                          cached query class: %sqlcq.USER.cls7

Please refer to the document page below for details.

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