· May 30

Javascript library "Irisnative" does not work for 8 bits IRIS servers


I almost managed to connect myself from nodejs to IRIS via intersystems-iris-native, but the connection failed. 


> const irisnative = require('./intersystems-iris-native')
> irisnative
  createConnection: [Function (anonymous)],
  Connection: [Function: Connection],
  Iris: [Function: Iris],
  Iterator: [Function: Iterator],
  IRISList: [Function: IRISList]
>     var connection = irisnative.createConnection({
...     host: ip,
...     port: port,
...     ns: namespace,
...     user: username,
...     pwd: password
...     })
Uncaught Error: 8-bit servers are not supported [ERROR_8BIT_SERVER]


It finished with ERROR_8BIT_SERVER.   I would like to ask you whether it is possible to connect to IRIS from javascript, in order to execute Mumps commands from nodejs.

Kind regards,


Alin C Soare.

$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2024.1 (Build 267.2) Tue Apr 30 2024 16:42:56 EDT
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If you want to use IRIS with Node.js, I suggest you take a look at our mg_dbx_napi interface rather than the functionally limited and extremely slow Native JS API for IRIS that comes with IRIS and that you've tried out.

Full details are here:

You can find out additional information, benchmark comparisons with the Native API, and working examples and tutorials about mg_dbx_napi (and much more!) if you install and try out or mg-showcase Container for IRIS: