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How to run SQL in terminal

InterSystems FAQ rubric

Too run SQL in Terminal use $system.SQL.Shell().

Please refer to the sample below.

SAMPLES>do $System.SQL.Shell()
SQL Command Line Shell
---------------------------------------------------- The command prefix is currently set to: <>.
Enter q to quit, ? for help.
SAMPLES>>select * from Sample.Vendor
1. select * from Sample.Vendor Vendor Balance Contact DaysClear DiscDays DiscRate LastInvDate LastPayDate MinPayment Name NetDays PayFlag TaxReportingAddress_City Address_State Address_Street Address_Zip
: *If you press Enter without entering anything on the first line, it will switch to multi-line input mode.
SQL Command Line Shell
Enter q to quit, ? for help.
USER>> << entering multiline statement mode, 'GO' to execute >>
1>>set transaction isolation level read committed

For details, please refer to the document below.

How to use SQLShell [IRIS]
How to use SQLShell

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