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Need to evaluate rule based upon the content of "Z" segment, and only process if it exists on a table.

Receiving HL7 messages from our EMR, and processing to send out to downstream system.  These are SIU_S12 messages, with a custom ZOR segment added by the EMR to include order information.  The purpose of including this segment is to allow us to only send messages to the vendor that contain a procedure ID that is included on the list of procedures desired by the vendor.  These values are in a LUT with the procedure ID in the key field, and a value of 1.

We are recently upgraded to 2023, so I'm strugging with two things:  the new look of the rule editor, and the exist expression to validate that the contents of ZOR:3.1 match a value on the table.

Rule so far (I previously tried with HL7.{ )

Thanks in advance!

Product version: IRIS 2023.1
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2023.1.3 (Build 517_0_23280U) Mon Apr 1 2024 17:33:25 EDT [Health:5.1.0-2.m3]
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The first parameter (Lookup Table Name) of Exists function must be quoted: Exists("HologicProcedureFilter",.....)

If you want, you can switch to the old zen based rule editor, in the upper right of the page click on the user icon and select Open in Zen rule editor:

Note that it will open the rule in new tab, leaving the old tab open, make sure you use only one tab to edit the rule!