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· May 9

Windows upgrade removes Studio in 2024.2

As most of you have heard already, InterSystems announced the deprecation of Studio with the release of IRIS 2023.2. A detailed deprecation plan was revealed in November, and we are now hitting the first milestone in that plan. Starting with 2024.2 preview kits, Windows kits will no longer contain Studio. This means that new installations using this kit will not install Studio, and upgrading an existing instance to version 2024.2 (or later) will remove Studio from the instance’s bin directory.

Developers who wish to keep using Studio simply need to download the 2024.1 Studio independent component from the WRC distribution page. Note that re-installing Studio in this manner will not destroy or modify your existing registry settings, so you won't lose your Studio configuration data. Studio version 2024.1 is forward compatible, so it can connect to IRIS versions 2024.1+. It will be available on the WRC distribution page for a minimum of 24 months following the release of IRIS 2024.2.

I encourage developers that have not tried VS Code in a long time (or ever) to give it another try. Official InterSystems documentation can be found here. And long-time Studio users should take special note of the Studio migration guide we have put together. 

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