· May 14

[Video] FHIR to IntegratedML - Can You Get There From Here

Hi Community,

Play the new video on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

⏯ FHIR to IntegratedML - Can You Get There From Here @ Global Summit 2023
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InterSystems FHIR SQL Builder is a powerful tool to create analytics-ready SQL projections of FHIR data. One analytics use case that many practitioners want to explore is developing predictive models for clinically relevant events, such as disease risk based on historical data. IntegratedML, another powerful tool from InterSystems, is a natural fit for the output of FHIR SQL Builder, and many customers are asking if they can combine them. The answer is yes, in principle. However, real-world healthcare data, which can be complicated and messy, will likely need transformation and cleaning before meaningful machine learning models can be generated. We'll show you how to use "modern data stack" tooling, such as dbt, to bridge the gap between raw FHIR data and IntegratedML predictive models.

🗣 Presenter: @Dmitry Maslennikov, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Caretdev

Enjoy watching and anticipate more video content! 👍

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