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IRIS SIEM System Integration with Crowdstrike Logscale

IRIS makes SIEM systems integration simple with Structured Logging and Pipes!

Adding a SIEM integration to InterSystems IRIS for "Audit Database Events" was dead simple with the Community Edition of CrowdStrike's Falcon LogScale, and here's how I got it done.  

CrowdStrike Community LogScale Setup

Getting Started was ridiculously straight forward and I had the account approved in a couple of days with the following disclaimer:

Falcon LogScale Community is a free service providing you with up to 16 GB/day of data ingest, up to 5 users, and 7 day data retention, if you exceed the limitations, you’ll be asked to upgrade to a paid offering. You can use Falcon LogScale under the limitations as long as you want, provided, that we can modify or terminate the Community program at any time without notice or liability of any kind.

Pretty generous and a good fit for this implementation, with the caveat all good things can come to an end I guess, cut your self an ingestion token in the UI and save it to your favorite hiding place for secrets.

Python Interceptor -

Wont go over this amazing piece of software engineering in detail, but it is as simple as a python implementation that accepts STDIN, breaks up what it sees into events, and ships them off to the SIEM platform to be ingested.

#!/usr/bin/env python
import json
import time
import os
import sys
import requests
import socket
from datetime import datetime
from humiolib.HumioClient import HumioIngestClient

input_list = # From ^LOGDMN Pipe!
for irisevent in input_list:
    # Required for CRWD Data Source
    today =
    fqdn = socket.getfqdn()

    payload = [
            "tags": {
                "host": fqdn,
                "source": "irislogd"
                "events": [
                    "timestamp": today.isoformat(sep='T',timespec='auto') + "Z",
                    "attributes": {"irislogd":json.loads(irisevent)} 

    client = HumioIngestClient(
        base_url= "",
        ingest_token= os.environ["CRWD_LOGSCALE_APIKEY"]
    ingest_response = client.ingest_json_data(payload)


You will want to chmod +x this script and put it where irisowner can enjoy it.

InterSystems IRIS Structured Logging Setup
Structured Logging in IRIS is documented to the 9's, so this will be a Cliff Note to the end state of configuring ^LOGDMN.  The thing that caught my attention in the docs is probably the most unclear part of the implementation, but the most powerful and fun for sure.

ENABLING the Log Daemon, CONFIGURING the Log Daemon and STARTING Logging your configuration should look like this:

1) Enable logging
2) Disable logging
3) Display configuration
4) Edit configuration
5) Set default configuration
6) Display logging status
7) Start logging
8) Stop logging
9) Restart logging

LOGDMN option? 3
LOGDMN configuration

Minimum level: -1 (DEBUG)
 Pipe command: /tmp/
       Format: JSON
     Interval: 5
/tmp/  # Location of our chmod +x Python Interceptor
JSON                   # Important

Now that we are logging somewhere else, lets just pump up the verbosity in the Audit Log and enable all the events since somebody else is paying for it.

Stealing from @Sylvain Guilbaud 's post:

CrowdStrike LogScale Event Processing

It wont take long to get the hang of, but the Search Console is the beginning of all good things with setting up customized observability based on your events.  The search pane with filter criteria displays in the left corner, the available attributes on the left sidebar and the matching events in the results pane in the main view.

LogScale uses The LogScale Query Language (LQL to back the widgets, alerts and actions.

I suck at visualizations, so I am sure you could do better than below with a box of crayons, but here is my 4 widgets of glory to put a clown suit on the SIEM events for this post:

If we look under the hood for the "Event Types" widget, the following LQL is only needed behind a time series graph lql:


So we did the thing!

We've integrated IRIS with the Enterprise SIEM implementation and the Security Team is "😀 "  

The bonus here are the things that are also accomplished with the exact same development pattern as above:

  • Notifications
  • Actions
  • Scheduled Searches
  • Scheduled Daily Reports
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