Hello everyone,

As someone who is new to the world of InterSystems technology, I have been looking for the best resources to learn more about it.

I have heard great things about InterSystems technology, particularly its speed and scalability, and I want to make sure I have a solid understanding of it before diving in further. From what I understand, the official InterSystems courses cover a wide range of topics and are taught by experts in the field.

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If anyone has a custom checklist of tasks that must absolutely be done when doing this upgrade to make sure everything is included and nothing is lost or destroyed, we would greatly appreciate it? We have the generic checklist provided on the support websites but we run custom build classes, ftp, tcp-ip, batch, etc.


Jonathan Harris

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· Aug 21
AWS Batch

Has anyone tried AWS Batch with InterSystems IRIS docker images?

I have a noninteractive workload (but it requires internet access from the job to deliver results), so I'm considering using it as a simpler alternative to ECS since Fargate backs both, and that's enough for my use case.

I wonder if anyone tried and cares to share the results, issues, cfn templates.

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Hey guys,

I do love Global Masters (and all the rewards that I get from it) and one of my favourite activities is answering quiz questions. And just now I've had a really cute question What is the result of: WRITE "99" + "cents"? which brought a smile to my face (because I do love to add questions like this to the tests for my students). This made me think that I would really like to somehow show my appreciation to the author of this question.

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Hello Hello,

I am building a patient room door signage for a customer who has Trakcare already deployed. The app will reflect patient's data upon admission in the hospital (eg. name, male/female, doctor, mrn, special diet, etc...)

When the patient is discharged, "something" will tell the app that the patient was discharged and the screen will be reset.

Appreciate any kind of direction and help.

Thank you!

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When you find yourself in need or desire of learning something new in technology and you face the challenge of embarking on a new venture, what is the appropriate starting point? How do you decide where to begin and how to gradually approach the process, especially when the challenge seems overwhelming?

Myself I read official documentation or try to start with something I know and then learn something new very related.

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