· Apr 13

Old legacy system retrofitting it to latest windows 11

Dear All ,  As per the title, 

I was tasked to upgrade an old legacy system to run on Windows 11. 

I am having a problem with Cache mostly.

I have the version: VERSION 5.0.14 , BUILD 5702 , OBJECTS 5.0.5702.0 I would like to know if there is a way to run it on windows 11 somehow.

I know I am asking for a LOT.  Unfortunately, the provider of the suit is long gone, and I can't keep it on windows XP.  Let me know if there is an alternative way to get it up to date even with the lowest / more recent version. 

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Just came to my mind
- Cache-5.0.x is likely to be 32 Bit version, Win-11 is 64 Bit (only) (in case, the application uses some .dll, .ocx, etc.)
- unlikely that you use it, but as a hint, LAT is not supported anymore
- user database is now provided by ISC. In case your application maintains its own users, you can still use your own user database, but the login process will require some "adaption"