· May 3, 2022

Suggestions Sought for AppServices at Global Summit 2022 Tech Exchange

This year at Global Summit we will have several members of the InterSystems internal applications team (AppServices) on site to present topics of interest to developers.  There will be General Sessions that we teach on a number of topics related to tools we're launching to the OEX, knowledge gained based on migrating our Caché app portfolio to InterSystems IRIS, best practices for following OWASP Top 10 with ObjectScript, and a survey of the application landscape offering services to our customers and prospects.  

As AppServices is in charge of 'eating our own dogfood' within ISC by using InterSystems IRIS to create our own internal and customer-facing apps and services, we are always keen to know what topics are of interest to our community of follow ObjectScript developers around the world.  When we're not presenting during the General Sessions, we will be in the Tech Exchange and available for one on one discussions or demo's.  

For those of you planning to attend Global Summit 2022 (which I hope is many of you!), what do you want to talk about and what do you want to see in the Tech Exchange?  If we know topics in advance we may be able to prepare some interesting demo's.  Of course, we are happy to handle questions on the fly as well!  Suggestions for topics may also find themselves back on the Developer Community as articles in the future ;)

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