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[Code Challenge] Are they opposite?

Hello, community

To celebrate that this week is "International Week of Deaf People 2022" , https://wfdeaf.org/iwdeaf2022/

Could we do a small challenge?

The statement is:


Give you two strings: s1 and s2. If they are opposite, return true; otherwise, return false. Note: The result should be a boolean value, instead of a string.

The opposite means: All letters of the two strings are the same, but the case is opposite. you can assume that the string only contains letters or it's a empty string. Also take note of the edge case - if both strings are empty then you should return false/False.

Examples (input -> output)

"ab","AB"     -> true
"aB","Ab"     -> true
"aBcd","AbCD" -> true
"AB","Ab"     -> false
"",""         -> false




🧏🧑‍💻📍 This programming exercise has been taken from: https://www.codewars.com/kata/574b1916a3ebd6e4fa0012e7


We hope you enjoy this challenge

Thanks for your time

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ClassMethod Opposite(s1 As %String = "", s2 As %String = "") As %Boolean
    write s1_", "_s2_" --> "
    if (($l(s1) '= $l(s2)) || (s1 = "") || (s1'?.1A.A) || (s2'?.1A.A)) { return 0 }
    for cnt=1:1:$l(s1) {
        if (($zabs($a($e(s1,cnt)) - $a($e(s2,cnt))) '= 32)) { return 0 }
    return 1

The spirit of the time... we have to save water, energy, etc. Maybe we should save bytes too...

   // instead of this line
   if (($zabs($a($e(s1,cnt)) - $a($e(s2,cnt))) '= 32)) { return 0 }
   // try this one
   return:$zabs($a(s1,cnt)-$a(s2,cnt))-32 0

That's is easy for the ASCII character set... (you didn't give any restrictions)

ClassMethod CheckOpposite(s1,s2) As %Boolean
    q $zb(s1," ",6)=s2