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Easiest way to pull external information into IRIS??

I am currently adding a field to our Existing messaging from Epic, however there might be a possibility I need to back load data into the Ancillary system. While I have the previous messages that can be sent, they do not have this additional field that I am adding to the message.

I can do a lookup against Epic Clarity SQL Database; however, I don't want to throw a wrench into the workflow if the system cannot connect to the Epic Clarity SQL Database.

  • What is the best solution for this?
    • If I setup a linked view/database within IRIS does this guarantee that the information will be available if there is an issue with the connection?
    • Or do I just create a job to copy down the information into Cache every morning and use Cache SQL to look the information up?
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Queries to linked tables will fail if there is an issue with the connection, but when it's up, you've got the current data. Copying it over would help with potential connection issues, though you would still have a problem if the connection can't be established when you're trying to copy the data over. But if you're doing that once a day, your data is going to be a day old at times. I think the question you need to be asking is, for your specific application, how important is it that the data you're getting from the external database is current?

Hope i understood your problem correctly.

This sort of sounds like a "DataMigration" task, loading legacy information into the current IRIS database.

If you know an exact date where the value was available in the current messages, a onetime load based on an extract for legacy messages would be enough i think.

Then amend the messaging code to add the field if its not there, based on the lookup table, this should only happen for legacy messages, not new messages as they would already have the field.