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To summarize the documentation :

  • ReplyCodeActions settings of HL7 operations is a comma-separated list of specifiers in the form <code>=<actions>, where <code> is an expression matching error condition(s) and <actions> is a string of one letter action codes.
  • All codes where <actions> consists of only 'W' (for 'log a Warning') will be evaluated, and a warning will be generated for each matching <code>.
  • Other <code> values will be evaluated in left-to-right order, executing the first matching <code> that has a non-warning <actions> value. As noted in the details for the 'W' flag, an error that only triggers 'W' <actions> will be treated as Completed OK.
  • if ReplyCodeActions is empty, a default setting is used. For HL7 operations, it is : 
    • :?R=RF,:?E=S,:~=S,:?A=C,:*=S,:I?=W,:T?=C

To match the application reject code in the HL7 ACK^O01 message in the example, and suspend all matching messages, use the following specifier, that matches all ACKs with MSA:1 = "AR" and suspend message, while retaining default behavior for other error conditions : 

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