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For simple headers (and footers), you can use the 'batch class' feature of the record map file batch service (EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.BatchFileService) and operation (EnsLib.RecordMap.Operation.BatchFileOperation), and a class such as EnsLib.RecordMap.SimpleBatch to specify a header string.

The record map file operation append records to the output file. The initial value of the 'Filename' setting is '%Q', hence you get one file per timestamp.

If you set "Filename" to '%f', the output file name will be the same as the input file name and records from one input file will be appended to an output file with the same name.

For a simple message transformation flow example, I would go for record map :

So you can focus on DTL and the whole flow can be done from the administration portal, look ma, no code  ;-)

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