· Feb 12, 2023

Proposed new DC DataTypes Package

Hi Community,

A long time ago, I create a package for a String datatype that works with Regular Expression. It is quite a simple solution.

This can work well with packages like the OpenAPI-Suite, where you can then use the "Regular Expression String" as the type for properties of the validator objects where the Swagger contained a Regular Expression.

I am proposing we start a common package of datatypes for use. The package name to use can be provided by the admins.

The old package of mine can be removed, as it is also on a very old git profile on an email I no longer have.
String Regular Expression

I have seen there is another older package containing data types. Maybe we can add the datatypes from this package into the new package as well?
ToolBox 4 IRIS

This can be done for a start.

Later on, I also want to implement a generic set of data types that can be used for data masking based on user privileges for compliancy to GDPR and PoPIA (South Africa). Where certain users can see clear data, and other should see scrambled values. I do not know all the ins and outs of GDPR, but know what is required for PoPIA.
This might be a separate packaged based on the proposed new one.


Thoughts? Comments?

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