· Jun 21

How does your team handle TUNE TABLE data?

Hello everyone, 

My team is currently developing guidance and best practices for the generation, storage, and deployment of TUNE TABLE statistics across development and production environments. With that in mind, we want to get an idea of what methods teams in the field have developed for handling this data. In particular, we’d like to know the following: 

  1. How often do you use TUNE TABLE in your development vs. production environments? 
  2. Do you utilize the $SYSTEM.SQL.Stats.Table package to generate and export TUNE TABLE statistics as files? If so: 
    1. Do you store these in source control? 
    2. Which systems do you produce artifacts for? Do you generate files for both development and production instances, or do you generate files for only some environments and import the files into others? 
  3. What methods do you use to test TUNE TABLE’s effectiveness, if any?  
  4. Are there any additional steps you find are necessary after tuning or importing a statistics file? For example, do you find it necessary to clear cached queries in a schema? 
  5. If your team is a CCR user, do you utilize CCR to manage TUNE TABLE statistics? If so, what practices have you developed? 

Please feel free to include any additional information as you see fit. 

Thank you! 

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Equally curious in the feedback here, as we're currently working on a long-awaited project to collect table statistics automatically in the background.

See also this earlier article, with some discussion at the bottom.

As for #4: if you'd need to clear your cached queries in order for new stats to be picked up, that's a bug. Please let us know if that is what you'd find ;-)