· Mar 10, 2023

Version naming best practise for code within a namespace

In a healthcare setting we've an Ensemble namespace through which passes a key HL7 feed (the ADT feed from our PAS). It is split up, transformed and passed on to multiple downstream systems. We consider the feed going to each downstream system an interface. Each interface is developed as separately as possible - typically as a separate branch of our git repo (which we access via VS Code).

All this is fine till we try and name the version(s). We both want to know what is currently in live (the sum of all the interfaces in the namespace) and know what version each  specific interface is at. Anyone come up with a best practise for naming? We're not really wanting the "version" for the whole namespace to be something like:

  • Cardiology1.2+Pharmacy2.5+Labs0.7+....!!

But on the other hand, having the namespace versioned as something like:

  • 12

doesn't really illuminate/communicate very much!

Any tips welcome!

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