I'm gonna try to extend the project with your use case in the next 1-2 days.
Meanwhile: if you could you please send me the log file in an e-mail (, I'd take a look at it.


BTW: I don't know, whether the source code above is really what you are trying to use, or you maybe removed some parts to make it shorter, but: the FakeXML() method has a syntax error and it should return a valid XML document (even if a very simple one). Otherwise it may break the entire process.


Hi Thembelani,

I haven't looked into this project of mine for a while, but I know about people using it actively, so I'm pretty sure that it should work. The very first thing what I would try (maybe already did - it wasn't clear from your comment) to call the ProducePDFFile() method with the third parameter (pDisplayLog) set to 1. If an error happens during the Apache FOP rendering process, usually it doesn't return any error messages, but you can ask to generate a log file instead of the real PDF document. This log file may contain a lot of useful information, if you had any problems.

Please let me know, if it helps. And if not: I'll try to reproduce your issues.

Best Regards,

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