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Just one little addition to this InterSystems Data Platform Best Practice, which saved me a lot of time: 

if you may have tried this on a Windows machine with a password protected private key file (for example: created with the built-in Public Key Infrastructure of InterSystems products), you probably ran into this error message in the Apache error.log:
SSLPassPhraseDialog builtin is not supported on Win32

That's because- as the message suggests- the SSLPassPhraseDialog directive is not supported on Windows version of Apache 2.4 and it can't prompt you for your private key password on startup.

The solution is:
a) to make sure, that the SSLPassPhraseDialog directive is not explicitly turned on in your httpd.conf file (or additional include files) and
b) remove the pass phrase from your private key file with the following openssl command:
openssl rsa -in privatekey-withpass.key -out  privatekey-nopass.key

BTW: you don't necessarily need to install OpenSSL on your own. InterSystems products (at least at the moment) come with an openssl executable in their bin directories. Of course: if you want to make sure, that you use the latest and most secure version of the tool, it's better to install it separately.

I'm gonna try to extend the project with your use case in the next 1-2 days.
Meanwhile: if you could you please send me the log file in an e-mail (, I'd take a look at it.


BTW: I don't know, whether the source code above is really what you are trying to use, or you maybe removed some parts to make it shorter, but: the FakeXML() method has a syntax error and it should return a valid XML document (even if a very simple one). Otherwise it may break the entire process.


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