Is there any built-in error handling features available in Zen report


Is there any default exception handling feature available in Zen report? I am working on a report that comprises of several different composites report (%ZEN.Report.Display.composite). I am incorporating several composites into the main Zen report, If any composite fails or encounters an issue such as issue with the sql statement or class method which i am using to fetch the data, the report (pdf) fails and shows a Zen error. It is very hard to find an exact composite or code that causes the error as Zen report displaying a generic Zen Error without any details.

So, I am adding try-catch block in the class method for each composite and recording errors in the log file (persistence class for storing errors) but I would like to know if there is any better exception handling feature available in Zen reports.

Any thoughts or solution would be really appreciated.

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By default Zen Reports only supports the basic error details. Even when running the report using $LOG=1 troubleshooting feature, you will see the failure but it may not identify what composite may have actually caused the problem. The best way to identify exactly where the error is occurring is via the try-catch within each individual composite.