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Also, you can create calculated dimension member and sort members by PROPERTIES("KEY") using following expression:


Hi Lee.

"For example, for the error log I am trying to display, it's a table that has just 16 rows and 6 columns. The columns I turn into dimensions. If I crossjoin more than 3 of the columns, I will timeout/freeze."

Can you provide reproducible case? It would be interesting to look into this. Not that crossjoining of three dimensions is a best practice, but it should work quickly for 16 rows.

Now to your questions.

  • How do we prevent double columns for the 1st column?

Go to Widgets -> [your widget] -> Data Properties.

Define properties for your columns.

On the ID property put checkbox "hidden"

  • How to prevent putting commas in the numbers:

Put "#" in the format field [0]

*How to format date to be returned in external format.

As far as I know, you should do this in the SQL query itself.


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