· Nov 20, 2018

Pass value from combobox to the altJSONSQLProvider TO update datagrid.

Hello ,

I want the datagrid to reflect values based on the value i select in the Combobox.  How to pass value from the combobox to the

altJSONSQLProvider  parameter and reload the datagrid ?

My combobox defines below method on change.


<altJSONSQLProvider id="PatchClassJsonId" OnGetSQL="GetSQL" >
<parameter paramName="1" value="C"/>




Method GetSQL(ByRef pParm As %String, ByRef pSQL As %String, pCriteria As %ZEN.proxyObject, ByRef pPagingInfo As %String) As %Status
Set pParm= "zenPage.getComponentById('DataComboId').getValue()"

Set pSQL = "SELECT ID,PatchClassName,Environment,ModuleName,ModuleClass,TargetConfig,BusinessRule,MessageSchemaCategory FROM ProjectInventory.TablePatchClass where PatchClassName %STARTSWITH ? " 
    Quit $$$OK

//// FYI. I did use the filtersearch as below at some point and it works first time, but when i change the value of combobox second or third time, the datagrid becomes empty.

ClientMethod rowSelected(vPatchClassName) [ Language = javascript ]

Thank you in advance.

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