William França Silva · Aug 28, 2018

jQuery Mask

Hi everyone!

Someone already try to use jQuery Mask Plugin on cache?

I'm trying but unsuccessfully.
First I created a new ambient on my own machine to developer in html and all works.

So, I exported the library's js (as jss) to a new Application (stylesheet /js /css) and created too a new Zen Page .cls calling this Application style.

On Zen Page
     Parameter APPLICATION = "Multi.Estilo";

XData Contents [ XMLNamespace = "]
<page xmlns=""">
    <vgroup align="center" cellStyle="padding: 4px;">
       <text id="Data" controlClass="simple-field-data-mask"/>

On Multi.Estilo
    Parameter JSINCLUDES = "jss/jquery-3.3.1.slim.min.js,jss/popper.min.js,jss/bootstrap.min.js,jss/fancybox-master/dist/jquery.fancybox.min.js,jss/jQuery-Mask-Plugin-master/src/jquery.mask.js,jss/jQuery-Mask-Plugin-master/dist/jquery.mask.js,jss/jQuery-Mask-Plugin-master/dist/jquery.mask.min.js";

Parameter CSSINCLUDES = "jss/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.css,jss/fancybox-master/dist/jquery.fancybox.min.css";

When I execute and try to use, nothing works.
I've alerady tried call some functions on onloadHandler Method...
Someone can help?


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The path in  JSINCLUDES and  CSSINCLUDES looks somewhat suspicious to me.

you use a path relative to the location of your page.
verify (eg. with Chrome) that your libraries really get loaded

Hello Robert,
Thanks for your answer.

All librarys are loaded without any error.