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This article introduces InterSystems iKnow Entity Browser, a web application which allows to visualize extracted and organized text data mined from a large number of texts, powered by InterSystems iKnow technology, which is also known as InterSystems Text Analytics in InterSystems IRIS. Feel free to play with the demo of this tool or learn more about it on InterSystems Open Exchange

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I would like to draw your attention on a recently published article, titled "A Quick Guide on How to Prevail in the Graph Database Arena", that has been posted also at LinkedIn. Intersystems Caché has been referenced several times. In the "Multi-model Database Engine" section of this article, there is a quick description of Caché  as a

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About the Ontodia library

First of all, I think we should provide some background information about Ontodia and Caché DBMS. Let’s start with a less known product, Ontodia. Ontodia is the result of a joint project of the ISST lab of the ITMO University and VISmart, a software development company specializing in the semantic web domain. The Ontodia service was created as a web application for visualizing linked data and ontologies. We created this service because we couldn’t find simple, accessible and efficient tools for convenient visualization of linked data.

A typical use case for Ontodiа could be described as a sequence of 3 steps:

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I've asked a lot of questions leading up to this, so I wanted to share some of my progress.

The blue line represents the number of messages processed.  The background color represents the average response time.  You can see ticks for each hour (and bigger ticks for each day).   Hovering over any point in the graph will show you the numbers for that period in time.

This is super useful for "at a glance" performance monitoring as well as establishing patterns in our utilization.

Here is the query used

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