· Jun 10, 2019

How to generate a pdf file from an XLFO in Ensemble

In my production I receive an  XLFO stream and I would like to pass that to the FOP pdf rendering engine to produce pdf files .So far in my research that can be achieved through ZEN .I would like to create an operation that will take advantage of that and be able to pass my XLFO stream  to the operation and create pdf files I found something similar  here but for some reasons I get errors like below if any one understands what they mean please advice or someone  who had to do something similar advice on how to achieve this thanks in advance


0Error rendering: OS code=1 Use $LOG=1 to check•
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In the namespace in which you are running the rendering, are you able to run the following: DO $SYSTEM.Status.DisplayError(%objlasterror) This might tell us more about the error you are encountering. Also, here is another approach, in the namespace follow instructions in the following link. In your namespace please set the following global.

 Set ^CacheTemp.ZEN("DebugZen","NoDelete")=1

In the intermediate file area /mgr/Temp you can examine the xml, xsl, and error messages from invoking Java. These files provide important clues in trouble shooting the kind of problem you are having. For instance, you can answer the following question: is the xml "well formed" xml. Also is the xsl "well formed" xsl. The files with extension .txt provide important information about the java invocation.