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Looking for work

Hi every body

I hope it's the right place & I'm not offending any body.

I'm a veteran Mumps/Cache/Ensemble programmer .  I think my only draw back is my age, although my brain is still young & bubbly.

I'm looking a long time for work without success.

I gathered a lot of knowledge & experience during those long years , developed many projects & i'm ready to do any work only to feel useful.

I'll add my resume, I hope & wish that this post will bring some change as I'm desperate to get some work.

Thank you very much Simcha my email is

Covering letter


Good day

My name is Simcha Gershon & I’m from Israel

I’m an old IT veteran , during my lifetime I have had an opportunity to acquire a huge amount of knowledge & experience in the IT area , inclusive of all aspects & stages, analyzing , designing, programming , utilizing , managing & maintaining, including Legacy software, specialized or functional.

My prolific military background taught me discipline, responsibility and team work.

I believe that although my advanced age I have a huge amount to donate to any organization that will hire me, in knowledge, experience, loyalty , devotion insight & vision.

Thank You Simcha


Recommendations :

Shree Mohan - Intersystems UK


Tani Frenkel - Intersystems Israel


Ilan Arad Director at CSI (Reserve Colonel)


P.S I’m married to a British citizen so working in the UK won’t be any problem.











Personal Details:

Name : Simcha Gershon

Year Of Birth : 1950

Email :

Driving License : Private.


Education :

1971 -1976 - Bsc in Physics Technion Haifa

Course: Cache Expert 2001


Professional Experience :

1976-1978 Paz Oil Company - Head of operations team , developing - B.O.M & petrol balancing system, working on IBM SYS 32 in RPG II.

1978-1979 Miles International Gluten production - Computer unit super wiser, developing & maintaining legacy systems & reporting systems to the USA center, working on IBM SYS 32 in RPG II.

1979-1983 Nilit Textile & fiber production - Computer department manager, working on IBM sys 15 in cobol & Rpg II , then working on a Digital PDP 11/44 with MUMPS DSM, developing from base all LEGACY systems of the company, Finance including general ledger, budgeting, costing, financial forecasting, logistics management, spare part store, raw materials store & finished products store

, purchase & purchase planning, marketing & sales  & delivery planning.

1983-2004 Establishing & managing my own software house - “Shiluv integrated software” , working with INTERSYSTEMS Cache ( Cache Object Script) , developing a great number of legacy systems in many areas, like Petrol managing system,Transportation companies management, Production management job & line process, real estate companies, health care (Cardiac institute ) , maintenance & services companies,  textile production selling & distribution , Aviation parts production company & many more.

2004-2011 - Free lancer.

2011-2014 CSI - Software & hardware consulting firm, developing a smart city system, within this project did developed a City Call Center system integrated with mobile devices (smart phone) , in the City of Akron Ohio.

2014 -    - Elad health - Health software solution, integration programmer working with Ensemble & developing an alert system management using Zen Mojo.


Military Service :

1968-1971 : Combat Medic Assistant Company Regiment 50 (Paratroopers)

1974-1975 : Voluntarily conversion to armor forces

1975-1995 : service as a tank commander , 9 years out of those as a platoon commander



Hebrew : Mother language

English : Fluent

German : Reading & Understanding



Office products : reasonable

Cache Intersystems : Excellent

Ensemble Intersystems : very good

CSP : Very Good

ZEN MOJO : Excellent

SQL : good

JS : good

HTML : good

Css: Reasonable





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Recommendations will be given by request.

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