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Hi every body

I hope it's the right place & I'm not offending any body.

I'm a veteran Mumps/Cache/Ensemble programmer .  I think my only draw back is my age, although my brain is still young & bubbly.

I'm looking a long time for work without success.

I gathered a lot of knowledge & experience during those long years , developed many projects & i'm ready to do any work only to feel useful.

I'll add my resume, I hope & wish that this post will bring some change as I'm desperate to get some work.

Thank you very much Simcha my email is shiluvg@gmail.com

Covering letter


Good day

My name is Simcha Gershon & I’m from Israel

I’m an old IT veteran , during my lifetime I have had an opportunity to acquire a huge amount of knowledge & experience in the IT area , inclusive of all aspects & stages, analyzing , designing, programming , utilizing , managing & maintaining, including Legacy software, specialized or functional.

My prolific military background taught me discipline, responsibility and team work.

I believe that although my advanced age I have a huge amount to donate to any organization that will hire me, in knowledge, experience, loyalty , devotion insight & vision.

Thank You Simcha


Recommendations :

Shree Mohan - Intersystems UK



Tani Frenkel - Intersystems Israel



Ilan Arad Director at CSI (Reserve Colonel)



P.S I’m married to a British citizen so working in the UK won’t be any problem.











Personal Details:

Name : Simcha Gershon

Year Of Birth : 1950

Email : shiluvg@gmail.com

Driving License : Private.


Education :

1971 -1976 - Bsc in Physics Technion Haifa

Course: Cache Expert 2001


Professional Experience :

1976-1978 Paz Oil Company - Head of operations team , developing - B.O.M & petrol balancing system, working on IBM SYS 32 in RPG II.

1978-1979 Miles International Gluten production - Computer unit super wiser, developing & maintaining legacy systems & reporting systems to the USA center, working on IBM SYS 32 in RPG II.

1979-1983 Nilit Textile & fiber production - Computer department manager, working on IBM sys 15 in cobol & Rpg II , then working on a Digital PDP 11/44 with MUMPS DSM, developing from base all LEGACY systems of the company, Finance including general ledger, budgeting, costing, financial forecasting, logistics management, spare part store, raw materials store & finished products store

, purchase & purchase planning, marketing & sales  & delivery planning.

1983-2004 Establishing & managing my own software house - “Shiluv integrated software” , working with INTERSYSTEMS Cache ( Cache Object Script) , developing a great number of legacy systems in many areas, like Petrol managing system,Transportation companies management, Production management job & line process, real estate companies, health care (Cardiac institute ) , maintenance & services companies,  textile production selling & distribution , Aviation parts production company & many more.

2004-2011 - Free lancer.

2011-2014 CSI - Software & hardware consulting firm, developing a smart city system, within this project did developed a City Call Center system integrated with mobile devices (smart phone) , in the City of Akron Ohio.

2014 -    - Elad health - Health software solution, integration programmer working with Ensemble & developing an alert system management using Zen Mojo.


Military Service :

1968-1971 : Combat Medic Assistant Company Regiment 50 (Paratroopers)

1974-1975 : Voluntarily conversion to armor forces

1975-1995 : service as a tank commander , 9 years out of those as a platoon commander



Hebrew : Mother language

English : Fluent

German : Reading & Understanding



Office products : reasonable

Cache Intersystems : Excellent

Ensemble Intersystems : very good

CSP : Very Good

ZEN MOJO : Excellent

SQL : good

JS : good

HTML : good

Css: Reasonable





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