· Oct 17, 2018

SQLGateWay performance.

I have a ZEN page with nine tablepanes. Each tablepane queries a table in the same SQLServer db. I have a single SQLGateWay(odbc) to this SQLServer db. I need to get better performance when I query all nine table at the same time. Would my performance improve if I had nine SQLGateWays(nine odbc configurations/connections), one for each query? I would appreciate any and all suggestions for getting the very best performance when using SQLGateWays. Thank you.

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a) I think no, performance will not improve if you have nine SQLGateways.

SQLGateway ODBC connection is established in each process.

So each separate Caché process has each own connection to the SQLServer.

b) As to the SQLGateway performance. I think first thing you need to check is how SQLServer itself handles these nine queries being run simultaneusly. If it's fast, and slow only via SQLGateway connection, then it makes sense to look into if something can be configured on SQLGateway / Caché side.