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Hi Stephen

I developed an Alert management system Ensemble based that you might find of interest.

It connects to the end user systems via Email ( it was intended to serve hospitals & they don't like web services as its  not protected enough, yet you can use any connection ) , the system reads the alerts process them & send them further for processing, I'll try to send you some screen shots.


ps my email is if you are interested

pps I tried to upload the screen shots with no success if you'll send me your email I'll be able to send you the files

Hi Chris

You made a wonderful work, I'm enjoying studying it, thanks.

I have a problem I reach the level of inserting 'ngMaterial' into my JS code.

When doing it my page looks like it can't load the js (just the html & css appears) , even when I deleted -  module('WidgetsDirect',['']) , it still doesn't work.

I had to delete the csp & js , when writing it again worked again until I inserted the ngMaterial.

As I'm a novice to all this stuff (JS Angular etc. ) I would appreciate your help, thanks.


I can't attach the snap shots in this frame so could see, if it's possible can you send me your email so I'll be able to attach those snap shots.

Thanks Simcha

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