Rui Figueiredo · Sep 22, 2018

Zen reports - Error rendering Excel output


We maintain a few Zen reports that output in Excel format.

Recently we started to observe that some reports fail and return the following error.

CSP error occurred
Error: Error rendering: OS code =1Use $log=1 to check
ErrorNo: 5001

I have extracted the exception details from the log file

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
  at Source)
  at Source)
  at Source)
  at GregorSamsa.urn$colon$schemas$dash$microsoft$dash$com$colon$office$colon$spreadsheet$colon$template$dot$4()
  at GregorSamsa.applyTemplates1()
  at GregorSamsa.urn$colon$schemas$dash$microsoft$dash$com$colon$office$colon$spreadsheet$colon$template$dot$2()
  at GregorSamsa.applyTemplates1()
  at GregorSamsa.urn$colon$schemas$dash$microsoft$dash$com$colon$office$colon$spreadsheet$colon$template$dot$1()
  at GregorSamsa.applyTemplates1()
  at GregorSamsa.urn$colon$schemas$dash$microsoft$dash$com$colon$office$colon$spreadsheet$colon$template$dot$0()
  at GregorSamsa.applyTemplates()
  at GregorSamsa.transform()
  at Source)
  at Source)
  at Source)
  at com.intersys.excel.ExportAsExcel.go(
  at com.intersys.excel.ExportAsExcel.main(
  at com.intersys.excel.ExportWithoutServer.main(

Has anyone seen this exception rendering Zen Reports?



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JVM is probably out of memory. Try this.

1. Define Excel server at SMP > System > Configuration > Zen Report Excel Servers > Zen Report Excel Server, let's say at port 44444

2. Start it. Copy OS command. Should be something like:

C:\InterSystems\Ensemble\lib\ExcelExporter\runserver.bat -port 44444 -numthreads 5 -loglevel 3 -maxlogfilesize 32000 -logrotationcount 100 -numpingthreads 5 -pingport 44445 2>&1

3. Stop Excel server

4. Execute the command from 2 in OS terminal, but set JVM heap size. See how.

5. In your ZEN report add:

Parameter EXCELSERVER = 44444;

to use your excel server.

6. Recompile report and try to run it again.