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Is Cache the preferred database source for extracting data elements for use in Health Share Patient Index or is there a significant benefit in sourcing data from a warehouse, data mart, or MV? I realize that could be a loaded question with 100 other questions that may follow, however, if there is a known advantage to extracting data from a particular data storage type, the answer may highlight that point. 

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On one HealthShare servers (RH Linux, 2017.1.1), I am not able to login to Studio for this server. When I select the server connection from the notification tray icon, choosing Remote System Access, Studio, then the server, the error I getting is:

Unable to log on to server {Server Name}

Communication link failure

I've tried using both DNS name and IP address, same result. Using Atelier, I am able to connect to the server using the same DNS name and Web Server Port that I'm trying in Studio.

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GraphQL is a standard for declaring data structures and methods of data access that serves as a middleware layer between the client and the server. If you’ve never heard about GraphQL, here is a couple of useful online resources: here, here and here.

In this article, I will tell you how you can use GraphQL in your projects based on InterSystems technologies.

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Is there any good documentation/tutorials on creating gateways in both directions between FHIR and Hl7v2 (for Health Connect)?

the scenarios I'm most interested in

1. Client application sends a FHIR demographic query to Health Connect - and the interface has to convert this to Hl7v2 QBP^Q11 message to the PAS.

2. Health connect sends a PDF document (from a file or HL7v2 interface) to an EPR over FHIR.




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Harkirat Dhillon · Oct 25, 2018
Healthshare Health Insight

I need help in health insight. I am trying to generate reports on deep see but i am not able to pull in the patient ids as these are our requirements for the project. Can anyone help me in unlocking this feature.
Can anyone help me with link to correct documentation on how to access the edge gateways of multiple facilities to access the clinical data on sql explorer.

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Bruno Soares · Oct 25, 2018
HealthShare Parameters Weights

Hi everyone! My name is Bruno Soares and I work with HealthShare. I have one question and would be very grateful if someone help me. Can somebody tell me where HealthShare parameters weight came from? Thank you all. 

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I need to create a role that is able to monitor the production, but isn't allowed to shut down the production or individual services.

Is there a particular resource that is allowed to do this, so I can remove it?

Any help is appreciated. 


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Arun Madhan · Aug 15, 2018
ASTM TCP/IP Business Service


Trying to build a passthrough based on ASTM . I have created 2Way TCP/IP Business Service and specified a PORT (as Adapter Settings). The Source system is broadcasting from  IP 20:30:100:100 , Port 10000 . Ensemble is on 20:40:40:100 , What is the possible change that I have to implement to receive this broadcasted messaged ? . Should the Ensemble Server be on the IP range to receive the broadcast ? 

Many Thanks, 

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I am currently using InterSystems for patients data management related to intake treatment planning and delivery of dose.

should I create a new attribute to track Patient ID or using an existing attribute within Audit log ? what are the good practices guidelines?

If I use Event Data field to record Patient_ID is it possible out of the box to search entries for a specific Patient_ID ?

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HealShare 2017

Hi dev community,

I am currently  working on an interface that needs to communicate to a SOAP/ITK endpoint.

I am using the EnsLib.ITK.AdapterKit.Operation.SOAPOperation to interface with an ITK 
service, but it is proving to be more complex than originally expected to set up the web client 
against that particular end-point since I haven't been provided with a WSDL from ITK service side as 
the vendor state they are following the ITK standard and no WSDLs are needed.

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My main goal is to be able to create reports and alerts in my SIEM based on what individual searched for and accessed what patient records, and when.

Does anybody have any experience with this? I've been ingesting audit logs in to Splunk but I'm having a hard time getting useful data.

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I looking to gain insight on if I can trigger a SMS text to a Clinician

New to HealthShare and trying to get the process for setting up a message.

Simple use case

Alert a Clinician if a patient meets specific requirements via an SMS text message.

I have set up a test physician in our dev environment, and enabled push notification on the Edges fro the MPI update manager.

Based off of the HEPUSH documentation.

Any direction to documentation or steps is greatly appreciated.


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Mike Dawson · Oct 10, 2018
WebTerminal : blank screen

I just downloaded and installed the latest WebTerminal into my local copy of Healthshare 2016.2.1

I installed via studio and everything compiled without error.

However when I run it I just see a black screen. The help window at the bottom of the screen pops open when I type '/' but I just can't get any response.

Any suggestions as to how to trouble shoot this?


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Timothy Rea · Oct 12, 2018
Healthshare/Ensemble Learning


I'm wondering what the path is to learning healthshare & ensemble?   I've looked on the learning page and its minimally helpful.   I've found that as a long time mumps programmer that new jobs are requiring this.  I've just been using mumps to assist with epic emr.   Everything I'm seeing is either VistA or Healthshare.  Does someone know where do I go to learn these apps?  Seems like a catch 22.  You need to know these prior to getting a job but you can't get a job where you can learn them.    Frustrating.

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Edward Jalbert · Jul 10, 2018
SOAP/Rest MPI call

Newbie question.

We have a desire to leverage apigee to do a call to our MPI system. 

Not sure if this is something we can do via HealthShare.

Anyone doing a soap request or restful call from InterSystems through Apigee? 

If I am overlooking the obvious (documentation) any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Hi everyone,

I need submit a object have a json string as property of class, but I get an issue, object can't save to SQL table if I take json data to json property. I try making a test class with only json property and get the same issue, no data row in SQL table after run ClassMethod . Some one know what's problem, please help me. Here my test class:

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Hi I'm just trying to make sure I'm not missing a trick here.

Basically our PAS doesn't do hl7 messages but does some XML which you can create. So I'm just trying to create some xml files and then get healthshare/ensemble to parse them and to process accordingly. 

I'm getting some good results doing this. But maybe I've got a small hitch. In each of my xml files I've the data for the patient/client. 

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