Harkirat Dhillon · Oct 25, 2018

Healthshare Health Insight

I need help in health insight. I am trying to generate reports on deep see but i am not able to pull in the patient ids as these are our requirements for the project. Can anyone help me in unlocking this feature.
Can anyone help me with link to correct documentation on how to access the edge gateways of multiple facilities to access the clinical data on sql explorer.

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On your 1st question, when you say you need to be "able to pull in the patient ids", could you be specific as to exactly what patient ids to which you refer?

Could you give a little detail on your 2nd question as to why you need to access the edge gateways?  Is there information you are looking for that is not contained in Health Insight?

I am trying to create a pivot table for particular set of patients by xyz hospital but i cannot see their MPI ids to match the patients required to create the pivot table for the specific patients.

I can access the demographics of patients/ registry gateway on SQL but need to generate clinical reports so need to look into edge gateways of hospitals. i was wondering if there a an easy task to look at all edge gateway information under a single listing or in a table to extract information. Health insight has limitations in regards to the specificity and crashes at times owing to complex queries. SQL explorer too crashes plus has limitation to certain rows so i would run this on a terminal but need assistance in accessing the edge gateways. I hope i was able to define my problem.

MPIIDs are not suitable for a dimensinon because of their high cardinality - you're better off using SQL.

My understanding is that direct database access to the edge gateway is not supported, but you'd have to confirm that with the HSIE team.