HealthShare Parameters Weights

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Hi everyone! My name is Bruno Soares and I work with HealthShare. I have one question and would be very grateful if someone help me. Can somebody tell me where HealthShare parameters weight came from? Thank you all. 


I have some doubts about rules too. We currently have several rules that apply to record pairs, like SSN, DOB and Twins-B. What was the theoretical background for the creation of these rules? Thank you all again.

Bruno ---

Please see the HealthShare Patient Index Configuration Guide for information on Rules and parameters.  Section 4.5 describes parameters and their weights. Section six describes rules including their invocation and creation.

InterSystems has a class on Patient Index usage and configuration.

Regards --- Kate Schell

Hi Bruno,

What we found in the UK, is that we have, over time and after having implemented a few HealthShare Patient Index projects, diverged a little from the out-of-the-box defaults for the weightings.

The original weightings are a starting point, that may or may not prove appropriate for your local demographic profiles and different national and local identifiers.

They are there for you to change as appropriate, as  the data you are seeing dictates.

That is where the tuning process comes in, and is meant for that purpose.

Hope this helps,

Pat McGibbon (InterSystems UK)