Newbie Looking For Any Examples of SMS Text Triggered Out of HealthShare

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I looking to gain insight on if I can trigger a SMS text to a Clinician

New to HealthShare and trying to get the process for setting up a message.

Simple use case

Alert a Clinician if a patient meets specific requirements via an SMS text message.

I have set up a test physician in our dev environment, and enabled push notification on the Edges fro the MPI update manager.

Based off of the HEPUSH documentation.

Any direction to documentation or steps is greatly appreciated.


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Hi, Edward!

Here is the post about using Twilio

It’s about phone calls but Twilio provides services for SMS too.


Thanks Evgeny,

The link did not come through.

Is there any articles you are aware of in setting up a scenarios or is it in the article?

Thanks again,