· Apr 27, 2018

PostgreSQL query returns error


I'm executing a query using JDBC on a PostgreSQL db:

SET statement_timeout TO 600000000; COMMIT SELECT * FROM bi_hour

The query is aborted with the following message:

FOUT #5023: Fout in Java Gateway: JDBC Gateway getClob(0,2) errorBad value for type long : active

The column 'blocked_status' contains the value 'active' is of type 'text'. I figure somewhere the SQL Gateway tries to convert the text value into a long but I can't find where, any suggestions?

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Hello Dmitry,

Thanks for the reply, it seems to be all the columns of type "text". I've tried casting them to varchar but keep getting the same error.

I think it's something in the JDBC Gateway, perhaps in the setup I've got the gateway is very slow if I compare it with an open source client (Squirrel) the query there runs for only 15 seconds, if I execute the same query through the JDBC gateway it takes more then 15 minutes.