· May 14, 2018

How can i mapping new SDA3 extensions for the Information Exchange?

I'm creating patient extensions and I'm sending an SDA file to be interpreted by Information Exchange.

How do I map the custom SDA3 so that Information Exchange can see these new extensions?

I'm using SDA3.

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1. Navigate to the documentation by right clicking the HealthShare icon in your system tray and clicking Documentation. (You could also access Documentation if you have a Management Portal screen open and you're logged into one of your instances. Once logged into the Management Portal > Click the Home tab at the top left > Look in the Links section at the bottom right > Click Documentation).

2. Once inside the documentation search the below. The documentation I was referring to is this article. I followed it and had no issues accessing my SDA extension properties in Information Exchange.  If this article does not help you then I would suggest getting with the WRC who would provide support to you.

Be sure once you've added the extended properties you compile the extension class(es) and recompile base classes you're extending. If you're extending HS.SDA3.Medication, the new properties are added to HS.Local.SDA3.MedicationExtension. After adding the properties, compile HS.Local.SDA3.MedicationExtension, then HS.SDA3.Medication.

Can you post and example of one of your extended classes, the steps you're following, and what is/is not working as you'd expect?

There are actually two classes available for HealthShare customers in the InterSystems Learning Portal (

Search for "extending SDA" to find them.  I notice that searching for 'SDA extensions' does not locate them, so I will follow up on that.

Update: the search terms have been updated and now either search will locate the two courses.

Hi all, yes, Extending SDA in HealthShare Applications is well underway but has been delayed due to other high priority projects. If you'd like to be a beta learner, we'd be happy to share what we have.  You can use the Feedback link on the right of and mention me and we'll get you links to videos.

Some things you'll want to think about when using extended SDA in HealthShare apps:

  1. Are you trying to make the SDA extensions visible in the Clinical Viewer? If so, you'll need to use the Layout Editor.
  2. Do you need custom matching or validation logic when storing the streamlet? If so, you'll need a streamlet class that extends the existing streamlet class (or a new streamlet class if its custom SDA container) and in that you can customize the OnValidate() method or the MATCHINGS parameter.

I assume when you say you need to make them visible in Information Exchange, you are referring to showing extensions created using the extension classes in the Clinical Viewer?

I'm referring to show those extensions both in clinical viewer and health insight. But until now I don't need a custom matching/validation logic to store the streamlet, maybe a full custom streamlet class would help me in the future so if it's possible I want access to it's videos too.

I'd like to be a beta learner i'll use the feedback link that you mentioned.