· Sep 6, 2018

Deploying HealthShare/Ensemble Container on OpenShift


Checking to see if anyone has experience with deploying their Docker containers on a platform like OpenShift (or vanilla Kubernetes)?

If you have, do you have any guidance or lessons-learned?  Is this even something feasible with a HealthShare/Ensemble instance?

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I have configured automatic deployment of the application to Kubernetes with Helm from GitLab as a part of CI/CD process.

I would not say that I had some specific issues, just well configured Kubernetes cluster with the right storage driver. Any InterSystems products supports devicemapper and aufs right now, yet. So, of course, better to have devicemapper available server, and use this possibility. AUFS already deprecated by Docker and will disappear in the next major release.

You can deploy IRIS with Kubernetes which is inside of OpenShift. It is not so easy to explain here. As it will be just a common task, rather than something narrow just for you. Deploying a database to the cluster is a very specific task, and very depends on your needs.

As well as Kubernetes, I think you may also use ICM, did not use it before, so, not sure if it will work with OpenShift as well.

It's just a default empty instance. You then have to create a new namespace with the database. Interoperability will be enabled by default in that new Namespace, and it will appear there. But, you should have in mind, that all those changes may disappear by default, when you delete your container and start it again, it will be the same as in the first start. You can configure durable %SYS, to get it stored outside of the container or volumes.