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I'm starting work with the Atelier. 

Starting from the point that Eclipse uses local files on the workstation, COS development can be versioned with market tools (For example GIT or Subversion).

I would like to know how the community has worked with code versioning, to create a consistent versioning model.

I initially have the following doubts:

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You might find it useful or not. It depends on what you can imagine it to be used with, like I had to.

Either way, I created a lib that can fetch environment variables from a file or from the OS where Caché is running.

Mostly know as dotenv. Many languages have it, so why not Caché?

The usage is pretty simple:

If you want to use OS env vars exclusively, just use the method:

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I was wondering if there was a way to if the user is using Studio and changes a file to get the users name and have a function run when the file is changed. 

Ive got this working for .int files but not for .csp or .js or .css or any other kinds of files. 

When we edit code we are logged in to the Cache backend’s server through Studio by using an iPaddress (which is on our network). 

I know now there are concepts of file locks and logs for when certain tasks are ran or when a user maybe edits a file

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I am currently evaluating Source Control systems that we can use for both MS SQL, MS Visual Studio, and InterSystems IRIS. For both MS SQL and MS Visual Studio we do have the option of either Azure or GitHub.  I understand when we upgrade to IRIS 2019.1 we have options for Source Control, and in previous Global Summit's I have heard GitHub discussed.  So why can't I user GitHub for both MS SQL/MS Visual Studio and IRIS?

A couple of questions come to mind starting to think about Source Control

Last reply 15 October 2019
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