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We have like 5 different applications/webapps all part of this one project and so I need to grab only the files that start with MARS*.csp and not the whole project

Also I do not feel comfortable bringing other dependencies in to deal with this issue since this is dealing with our database too

I've gotten everything to work for what I needed (so thank you so much so far for your help), but one problem I'm having is getting the 'clean' .csp code exported (not the compiled .csp code that is put into a routine).

For instance I would like to export the following MARS*.csp files you see under the csp/cah folder on the screenshot and cannot do that (much like clicking Tools -> Export... -> Okay exports the files that are shown in the workspace pane) ; I'm having to export the compiled code for the .csp files for now.

Any idea on a low level command to export that particular file would be a lot of help so I can finish this puzzle.

I tried to create a class and inherit from %Studio.Project, but it wouldn't compile. Maybe because I need to somehow import that class in, but I am stuck.

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