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Here is the code I use:

Set tHttpRequest = ## class (% Net.HttpRequest). New ()
From tHttpRequest.ContentTypeSet ("application / json")
From tHttpRequest.SetHeader ("Authorization", "Basic [Base64String]")
From tHttpRequest.ContentCharsetSet ("utf-8")
From tHttpRequest.EntityBody.Write (tJsonTxt)

Everardo, bom dia.

Desculpa mas pra te falar a vdd nem sei o que é Server-Sent Events 

Consegue mandar um exemplo do que isso faria

Hi, Krishna muthu.

This is the only ESB adapter that I do not use, because debugging esb ends up taking many steps to create a
% Net.HttpRequest. With this we adopt the strategy of making the requisitions manually.

Sorry for the mistakes this message has been translated by google translate.

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